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1967: Born in Tehran, Iran

1980: Painting study at Kamal-ol Molk Art Institute, Tehran.

1986:Graduate from Iranian Young Cinema Society.

1987-89: Teaching painting, Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults, Tehran.

1992: B.A. in Graphic Design, Tehran Art university.

1996: Member of Iranian Graphic Designers CoOperation.

2000: Member of Iran Advertising Agencies Association. (iaaa)


1988: Start to work at some of the Graphic studio as a Graphic Designer.

1999: Open my own Graphic studio (7ima Advertising Co.)

2001: Some of Artworks published in The first selected works of Iranian graphic designers (Graphic Design Iran) by the Iranian Graphic Designers Society (IGDS).

2006: Flight Of Falcons,Public Art Project,United Arabian Emirates. (working with my friend, Homayoun Nazarian)

2007: Christie’s Dubai,Sold 3 Artwork Flight Of Falcons,For Charity.

2008: 1 of the selected designs for publication of the International Logo Design Competition of World Olympiad for Urban Design (WOUD)

2009: Artwork at the First IranExpo Photo gallery.

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